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10K UNIQUE NFTCollection of 10k nfts, algorithmically generated, with rarity system, legendary nfts, created by the artist Facundo Mansilla.
SOLIDARITY PROJECTThis project will allocate funds to communities of native peoples of South America that are in a vulnerable situation.
lINK WHIT DAOWhen you mint you will be able to obtain the IAUNA governance token, and you will obtain permanent membership in our DAO scheme.

what is iauna?

The edge of the virtual and the real merge into an amalgamation of technological encryption where art can be appreciated, obtained and traded in the form of nft, while users become owners of the space, through smart contracts, which allow them to obtain benefits, special access and hierarchies within the growing community. Ensuring through the inviolability of digital cryptography, the authenticity of the works, the democratization of wealth and its traceability forever in a complete art gallery, ntf store and decentralized community. A door opens to a new time. IAUNA here.
NFT distribution
This collection will be given out mostly for public minting. Another percentage will be allocated to a solidarity project, to help communities of native peoples of South America. The rest will be owned by IAUNA DAO, where income will be generated to continue creating excellent projects and supporting artists and developers. The door opens to a new time. IAUNA here.
$iau economic
$IAU will be a token designed to play an important role in the IAUNA ecosystem. Going through all the projects we generate There are 15 billion total $IAU tokens, and the distribution is as follows:
30% Claimed by whom mint IAUNA NFTs projects.
40% Holders (24-month vesting period per month)
iauna dao
30% $iau tokens are allocated to IAUNA DAO to support:
  • Farming and rewards
  • LP Incentive Program
  • Emerging artists and developers
  • Development of Dapps and GameFi - Voting and governing in IAUNA DAO
benefits for $iau holders
Benefits for $iau holders Swap for ETH/USDT in Dex/Cex
Farming and rewards
Sharing marketplace Fee of NFTs
Sharing copyright income of NFTs
Ecosystem Dividends from Dapps and GameFi
Voting and governing in IAUNA DAO
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Founding Website.
Creating first 10,000 KUTULU Totems on Ethereum Mainnet.
Whitelist & Pre Launch (200).
NFT listing on Opensea.
First NFT minting launch of 9,800 at the price of 0.015ETH / 30ETH.
Link with IAUNA DAO.
Invite to Earn Incentive Program.
Tons of giveaways and rewards.
Design of the KUTULU ISLAND universe, buildings, islands, levels and secrets.
KUTULU ISLAND Building Plots and NFTs Purchase System.
Cooperative system of island farming and reward systems.
Many giveaways and prizes.
Increase copyright revenue from KUTULU ISLAND
NFTs .
Launch of the first KUTULU ISLAND GameFi.
Launch of the playable game demo.
Third wave of NFT minting.
Partnerships with more GameFis for KUTULU
ISLAND Totem’s Club 3D Avatar.
Financing for development of GameFi.
Launch of KUTULU ISLAND GameFi platform.
KREEPY CRYPTOProject planning & Founder of IAUNA DAO.
Facu DibujaArt director and project designer and soundtrack composer
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